Winter Vacations In Helen in a Large Family Rental

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Winter Vacations in Helen

With Oktoberfest in full swing many people are now thinking about their Winter Vacations in Helen. If your looking for a large, luxury family rental here in Helen, then Hunt Cliff Lodge is an ideal location. Set in it’s own private part of North Georgia, this large property is only a short distance from the spirited town of Alpine Helen.

Winter Vacations In HelenAlpine Helen, here in Georgia, is located close to the Chattahoochee River, and long ago the area was home to tribes of Native American Indians such as the Cherokee and Creek peoples. Modern day Helen was built as a re-creation of an Alpine village, and so the name, Alpine Helen. Looking up from the cobbled alleys, through the steep spires that pierce into the sky, you feel transported from the usual, and anticipated skyline, to one which could well have come straight out of a fairy-tale.

Many people return year upon year to enjoy their Winter vacations in Helen and to experience the unique atmosphere that you feel as you walk through this Bavarian styled village. Unique and specialized shops line the ‘old world’ cobbles that sell everything from candles to cuckoo clocks, all in keeping with the alpine spirit.

Winter Vacations in Helen

For the larger family, or group of friends who are looking to be together for their Winter Cleveland Property Rentalvacations in Helen, Hunt Cliff Lodge is an ideal base to enjoy Alpine Helen, Thanksgiving or even Christmas. This large Cleveland property rental easily accommodates 12 people in it’s 5 bedrooms, and this still leaves the added small, separate house for more, if required.

With a large and luxury kitchen, fitted with all the utilities needed to cook anything from a 5* gourmet meal, to hot-dogs and fries, you may never feel the need to venture into Alpine Helen in the evening for a main meal. However, within a few minutes, and a couple of miles drive you may soon discover that Alpine Helen has such a versatile selection of foods and restaurants to offer, that your spoilt for choice. Offering everything from a German meal of Sauerbraten, Schnitzel, rouladen or wurst, served up with imported German beers to quench any thirst, you soon forget you’re in North Georgia. For the less adventuress, Alpine Helen also offers restaurants whose menu’s contain American steaks, seafood, sandwiches and hamburgers, catering for all tastes.

The winter feeling of flinty mountain breezes blow down from the granite faces of the Appalachian Mountain Range and makes your stay in Alpine Helen a special time in Georgia that we all really enjoy.  Wrap up in fleecy warm jackets, woolen scarves and leather gloves and tromp out on the avenue.

Occasionally, when white billowing snow falls, you will think you are in a cozy Bavarian village with the steep mountain slopes surrounding you.   The dry snow piles high on the sides of the wide sidewalks and makes a winter wonderland backdrop to your wanderings along the engaging shops, fun bars and savory scented restaurants. Don’t worry about slipping; the City of Helen is always on hand with plenty of salt and sand to keep your steps secure.Join your friends by a roaring fire, clink your beer steins together and say SKOL!!

Winter vacations in Helen are a perfect way to end the year. Relax and unwind with family or friends here at Hunt Cliff Lodge. Click below for more details of how you can spend your winter vacations in Helen together as a family at Hunt Cliff Lodge.

Winter Vacations In Helen

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